Bobo stumbles upon…Mayer Hawthorne

I am suffering this morning.

For the past two weeks, my bedtime has progressively edged closer and closer to dawn. I’m not sure how or why it happened. Calling it a night at 00:30 (a perfectly sensible adult bedtime) slowly gave way to hitting the sack at 01:30 and so on and so forth. And of course, because I have nowhere to physically clock in come the morning, nothing prevents me from waking up later and later, which meant the cycle careened out of control.a

Yesterday I found myself still quite awake at 3:57.

Luckily, I had an appointment a little earlier today and so when my alarm went off this morning the option to ignore all four iterations of it (9:02; 9:14; 9:23; and 9:31) wasn’t one I could exercise. This is a good thing because it means I can reset my internal clock, but meanwhile I’m going to be cranky and consume a bucketload of calories in an effort to make this day less of an ordeal.

There may or may not be a nap in the offing later on this afternoon.

But the upshot of having stayed up ridiculously late was that I have something pretty good to stick in The Handbook.

While combing Reddit for funny or cute photographs of animals (because that’s how I primarily spend my time on the Internet) I came across an article on photographer and animal trainer Carli Davidson’s new project, Shake. The project comprises close-up, slow-motion photographs of dogs shaking water and drool off their faces. The resulting photographs are hilarious, endearing, and kind of horrifying.b

Unknown images-1A small sample of Ms. Davidson’s project.

The article featured a video compilation of the shoot as an afterthought, but that’s when I struck music gold. The images were set to a tune that smacked of Marvin Gaye-ness. (This is a good thing.)

images-2If you don’t have this album, you should get it immediately.

I gleefully repeated the video a few more times and scanned the article for music credits that were nowhere to be found. Luckily, Shazam c came to the rescue.

“Shiny and New” by one Mayer Hawthorne, eh?

I expected the track have been recorded in the Seventies by a soulful, and frankly, black fellow signed onto the Motown label. Or maybe a deep-voiced diva during the 90’s singing a New Jack Swing song I hadn’t come across.

Mmmmmmnope. The song is off of Hawthorne’s 2009 debut album, A Strange Arrangement. And ┬áMr. Hawthorne is no deep-voiced diva or soulful black dude; rather, a kind of nerdy-looking Jewish DJ-suddenly-turned-singer who happens to love a good throw-back.

See for yourself.

imagesNerd-specs and white skin. Not exactly what I expected. Does this mean I’m prejudiced against the musical groove-potentional of the Caucasian populace?

Without further ado, the song I played on repeat last night.

And another one of his I liked is “Long Time.” The video consists of footage from Detroit public access television show called The New Dance Show. You must watch it. Watch all the way to the end for a fantastic late night commercial for Colonial Merchandise Mart.

Spurred by a fit of nostalgia (nostalgia for a time when I was nary a sparkle in my father’s eye!), that video compelled me to search online for Soul Train line dance footage from the 1970s. Which was AMAZING. You should definitely watch this next video for its outrageous fashion statements and some serious dance moves.

  1. Although one barista at my “office” has commented about me showing up later and later.  (back)
  2. I found that the only animal that maintains any modicum of dignity was the Border Collie.  (back)
  3. This is a genius app that will identify what song is playing by recording a sample of it and finding it online. You can get it for your phone or tablet here.  (back)