Serenaded by Brenton Wood, maybe.

I’ll keep this short and sweet because I have a pre-Christmas sale to get to, and we all know the sale waits for no woman.

IMG_2767“Shopping Party?” I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a shopping frenzy.

I really love my soul music, especially songs from the 60s, the era of my parents’ youth. I’m not sure if it’s the sound and style of the music that hold such an allure to me, or the hokey sentiments echoed in the words of those songs that draw me to tracks from that time period.

Or maybe I’m just a fiend for nostalgia in all its forms.

My sister bought a few vintage magazines for a Mad Men themed hen party she hosted for a friend a few years ago. One evening I looked through all the old photographs and advertisements in the mags. I thought it would be entertaining, but all I could think about was how everything was simultaneously simpler yet so much more serious during that time. Sure, open racism was rampant, everyone was sexist, and the Cold War, which we can all agree was a bad thing, was at its peak.

But a big part of me looked at the men and women on those pages, and they all just looked so fabulous. Tears welled up in my eyes just thinking about it.

Yes, I got emotional over aesthetics.a

That evening I resolved to learn how to set my hair into a beehive chignon and master the art of applying winged eyeliner.

After several weeks of practice and lots of liquid eyeliner in my eye, I managed to nail the cat-eye look, although I can only swing a smaller, more subtle flick. Any attempts to make it appear more dramatic and I start to look like the Hamburgler.

images-2Not quite the look I was going for.

After watching several hair styling youtube tutorials and buying various combs and brushes, as well as a huge canister of hairspray, I thought I was ready to give the beehive a try.

Suffice it to say that my styling skills left a good deal to be desired — I have yet to leave the house proudly bearing a ‘hive atop my head.

images images-1Fiddling with a little eyeliner is somewhat easier than moulding your hair into structures like this.

But the gist of all this is play me a song by The Shirelles and I’m putty in your hands.

So when a boy sent me a link to a track by Brenton Wood via g-chat (the preferred mode of communication between law students tunnelled in libraries across the United States as they prepare for an onslaught of nerve-wracking end-of-term examinations) titled “Oogum Boogum,” I was incredibly pleased.

I had never heard of Brenton Wood or this Oogum-Boogum-business before, but it was extremely catchy and I found it immensely flattering that he chose to (virtually) serenade me with that song in particular; it’s all about how “outta sight” Brenton finds this girl’s style is.

You don’t just send along songs with lyrics like that to acquaintances without intending to convey some sort of message, right?

Well, at least I like to think that he’d enlisted the musical stylings of Mr. Brenton Wood to pay me a compliment.

Whether or not that was actually the case, I still have a great song to share with you all.

Brenton Wood’s Wikipedia page is pretty sparse, so I can’t go on at length about how wonderful he is, and we all already know that music journalism is not my calling.

But here are two other songs from his repertoire. “Gimme Little Sign” was his other break-out single, but I also really enjoy the calming tune of “Catch you on the Rebound” — it summons images of a sunny summer afternoon spent on a hammock in my mind. And it’s all about dissing the ex who cut you out of their life but now has decided she wants you back. Well, screw you, Ex!

All right, now I’m off to elbow my way through a cluster of Chanel-toting fashion mavens plundering the racks and shelves of Harvey Nick’s. I really hope there’s at least few good items left to pick over.

  1. Example: For many years I yearned for the return of the style of the early 1990s, and the general quality of earnestness and do-gooding that characterised that bygone era. This stemmed from my sister’s decision to purchase the complete box set of the original Beverly Hills 90210. I wanted almost all of Brenda’s first season wardrobe. However, upon visiting Topshop this weekend and seeing how all the worst trends from the 1990s came along and decided to take a huge steaming shit onto the shop floor, I’m beginning to rethink that sentiment.  (back)