LA Lakers Appreciation Day

Is it really the LA Lakers Appreciation Day? Well, it might be, if you live in California. But no, this is just me telling you that today I’m wearing a mustard knit jumper along with socks of an aubergine hue.

My sister inspired today’s outfit. Sort of. She came into the living room this morning and asked if she looked like a bumblebee. She was in a mustard jumper (a different one) and a black skirt, and clearly she did look like a bumblebee.

But never mind that. While she came in for this fashion consultation, I was on the phone with the TFL Lost Property Office—being the incredibly competent individual I am, I had lost my wallet yesterday, most likely while riding the 453 bus towards Deptford, let’s say between 16:45 and 17:30.

This is an entry to grieve this loss, which doubles as an appeal for its return. It’s a studded, metallic navy Anya Hindmarch wallet. It contained some cash, two ATM cards, my ratty temporary Boots card, my coffee shop and nail salon loyalty cards, and my treasured Foyalty Card (Foyles bookshop’s loyalty card, obviously).

The tragedy is that I’d bought this silly sweater I’m wearing now yesterday on an impromptu shopping trip. A shopping trip that had I not embarked on, I would have my lovely little wallet and Foyalty Card still. So I’m going to wear this jumper to death—until the sleeves wear thin and the wool pills so badly that the weave ceases to be recognizable. DAMN YOU IDIOT SWEATER.


The sweater in question. And no, that isn’t me.

I bought flats and a dark denim shirt along with the jumper. Those will be punished as well.

Also, I’ve been told that a wall of text is a rather unappealing format, so I’m going to do my best to add photos. I’ll start by experimenting to my Sometimes…a housewife  post. Hopefully no one will sue me for using their images.

Have you lost anything recently that upset you very much? Leave a comment and you’ll get my sympathy.


Mucho love-o,