Bobo in Bruges


A little over a month ago I stumbled over an article highlighting the culinary delights of Belgium. On the list were waffles, chocolate and Belgian fries. I immediately vowed to visit Belgium, and soon, fully intending to gorge myself on all sorts of goodies.

I devised a quick weekend getaway for my sister and I.┬áDestination: Bruges — a small, Flemish city that has largely retained its medieval character.

Why Bruges?

It’s exploding with tourists who discovered the city after Colin Farrell starred in a black comedy set there, which is pretty annoying.

But Bruges is small enough to comfortably traverse on foot, and picturesque enough to provide me with plenty of subject matter to practice my nascent photography skills.

Most important of all, the central part of town where we stayed is littered with eateries and confectioners. We could theoretically fit in plenty of eating over the span of 36 hours.

The result? An estimated 3 lbs of weight gain on my part and 382 photographs I spent all morning sorting through. All sacrifices to bring you, my wonderful readers, The Handbook’s second ever photo-bloggage!

Check out the gallery below and find out why you too ought to visit Bruges!

The verdict: my photography has slightly improved and the food in Bruges was excellent. So excellent, I’m seriously contemplating a trip to Antwerp next fall. But only well after bikini season is over.