Rainy day = Chet Baker

by Ranim Elborai

Hey hey! I’m back in London, and despite promising to be prompt about writing, I’ve haven’t settled in quite enough just yet.

So far all I’ve managed to do is some laundry. Oh, and I’ve racked up an impressive 20 hours of sleep (despite not at all suffering from a sleep deficit) much to the dismay and possibly disgust of my sister. I’m well on my way towards developing a bad case of chronic jet lag.

I had whined about the weather non-stop in NYC, and looked upon Manhattan’s dirty, crumbling subway stops with disdain — but I’ve returned to an unsurprisingly rainy, gloomy London gridlocked by a Tube strike.

So which city wins in my book? It’s a tough call.

Maybe it’s time to go somewhere totally new. My favourite vegan/musician/tea shop proprietor — who else would that be but Moby — was praising Los Angeles’ failure-accepting culture the other day, and if anyone was ever a shambolic failure, it has to be Moby.

Just kidding. You know what the real answer is.

Tomorrow, in an attempt to break the cycle of failure and break into a linearity of mediocrity,a a real post may somehow make its way onto The Handbook.

For now, I all I have to say is that no gently mournful dark and rainy evening is complete without a Chet Baker tune or two.

My personal favourite: “I fall in love too easily.”

And no collection of Chet Baker’s works, no matter how minuscule, would be compete without his honeyed rendition of “my funny Valentine.”

  1. I have no idea what I just wrote there, but what would be analogous to cycle, but a different shape? Like, instead of a circle, it’s a rectangle, or a line? Please get in touch if you have any concept like that for me.  (back)