My dad is a sucker for stickers.

by Ranim Elborai

I realise that today I ought to write about why people fall victim to the time-trap that is reality television. After all, my last post was all about how I was introduced to the unrefined antics of The Real Housewives of New York. Today, I should be discussing the “why”: what draws me to that sort of televised junk, like a moth to a flame, like an addict to some smack.

And I could go on about the topic for a good while — the appeal of reality television to people in general (a half-hearted attempted at googling has revealed that there are plenty of theories, most of which are uninspired), why this one particular show appeals to me so much (the hitherto unmatched — at least in my experience — level of bitchiness meted out by the “friends” to one another; all the contrived drama and unpleasantness generated by the simplest of slights; the enviable, and thus upsetting, degree of opulence these characters have the privilege to languish in) — but I don’t really want to.

The fact of the matter is, I’ve fallen off my high-brow high-horse, and can no longer judge my sister for keeping up with a crappy show like The Bachelor/Bachelorette ever so diligently over the years. So that was one of the main points of my last post.

The other take-away from that amazing piece of independently published online literature that, like, only a handful of people have read so far, is my mom’s frustrating inability to fall sleep unless the television is tuned to something she actually wants to watch.

So far, my mom has featured in two recent posts — remember, she was also the inspiration for my call to embrace the briefcase — and my dad has featured in zero.

I refer to him here and there in passing, but he hasn’t received his due on The Handbook.

So, at the risk of receiving an angry¬†phone call from my him in about an hour, I’m going to share one of my dad’s endearing, yet somewhat frustrating idiosyncrasies: he’s app-happy.

Appy, if you will.

This is particularly the case when it comes to mobile instant messenger apps. He has almost all of them: Whatsapp; Skype; Viber; LINE, his current favourite; and now, BBM, which he has unsuccessfully attempted to recruit me to several times this month.

My dad particularly enjoys using the sticker feature on LINE, because the sticker collections they’ve got are not only extensive and expressive — they are also funny and cute.a

photoImage illustrating the cuteness of LINE’s stickers — and this isn’t even the tip of the iceberg.

And my dad likes nothing better than a good sticker. Today alone (and it’s barely 16:00 here) I’ve received ten stickers from him.

That’s a lot of stickers.

I used to respond with stickers in turn, because they can be fun to use, but now that the novelty has worn off, I’m sick of stickers.

But that’s ok. He can keep sending me stickers.

Love you dad! 

  1. They go above and beyond the simple emoji keyboard that all of us have become accustomed to using.  (back)