Bobo at Broadway Market

As you can tell from the title, this Saturday’s fun activity involved milling around Broadway Market.

Londoners love their weekend markets, and Broadway Market, out in the idyllic yet hip London Fields neighbourhood, is colourful and replete with all manner of eclectic goods. Yesterday it happened to be swarming with folks who were extremely happy to be outside on a sunny day — swarming in a good way.a

Vendors at Broadway Market sell everything from produce to street food, antiques, second-hand wares and vintage clothing. There are also plenty of independent designers hawking their wares — jewellery, prints, and t-shirts, even lingerie. There is plenty to look at and so much to taste.  

Luckily, this was the week I decided to dust off my camera, which had been sitting idly on my bookshelf for about six months now. So the time has come to experiment with a new post format — gallery-style photo blogging!

One caveat: I’m no good at photography and my camera got soaked in latte while I was walking around, so please excuse the quality of these photographs. Another warning: I tend to ogle sweet goodies that are pretty to look at, so there are many pictures of photogenic baked goods. I’m sorry if you happen to be a more savoury person. 

Click on the thumbnails below to enjoy the slideshow.

All in all, it wasn’t the worst day to spend a spring(ish) afternoon.

Broadway Market, E8 4QL (, is on from 9am to 5pm on Saturdays. You should go!

  1. TimeOut London bemoans Broadway Market as being slightly too fashionable, and yeah, to a certain extent, the crowd there is quite stylish. Still, having stopped by a painfully scene-y spot for pre-dinner drinks the previous evening (I may or may not be referring to the lobby of the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch) where every female patron was bedecked in her edgiest finery and it seemed like every man was trying to out-beard the next guy — all as a DJ blasted painfully obnoxious mashups — I found the crowd at Broadway Market refreshingly relaxed about how cool they all were.  (back)