Bobo Resurfaces — Metamorphosis Almost Complete

by Ranim Elborai

Holy shit…my last post was over a month ago.

Have I run out of things to say? Or am I just taking an unjustifiably long summer vacation?

Most likely the latter, although sometimes it feels like it’s a bit of the former. That’s because yet again I’m in Amman, suckling at the parental teat, ensconced in a cocoon of lethargy: the luxury of home-cooked food on the daily and having someone else deal with my laundry does that to me.

Also, since I got to Amman, a lot of stuff has been going on: I’ve decided to move away from London rather unceremoniously; wrote a few articles for a magazine here in Amman (which may or may not be published); started attending a gym regularly; resolved to move to Dubai in the fall (eep!) and set up a one-woman copy-writing operation over there (double eep!); gone even more granola; and traveled to Colombia with friends for no tangible reason whatsoever. Some of these things being fertile grounds for future posts, starting tomorrow.

Or most likely after tomorrow.

My prolonged absence and now this small gurgle declaring my return marks the start of a new era for The Bobo Handbook, the next step in my metamorphosis. This previous stage of inactivity was my pupal state; my silence, a chrysalis of sorts.

But enough with the insect-related transformation metaphors. I’m back and I’m just as terrible as larval Ranim ever was.