The Bobo Handbook is about everything and nothing all at once. It is both profound yet shallow.

It is about all the things you think about, but you never have the time to reason through because you have better things to do.

Don’t question it, just read it and accept it for what it is: a bit of fun.

Ranim 9

A portrait of the author, an itinerant ne’er-do-well who believes she straddles the divide between goodnatured misanthropy and being all sociable and stuff.

Warning: the writings contained herein contain instances of extreme judgeyness, severe snarkiness and poor attempts at satire. Also involved: a certain degree of elitism, quite a bit of haughtiness, and portrayals of my general shittiness as a human being.

If the contents offend you, I’m very sorry but could you please just fuck off and die?